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When you visit our store you will find that it's "not just a bird store, it's an experience." Our specialty is hand feeding, fledging and weaning baby parrots of a variety of species. We offer a large selection of bird food from pellets to nuts, safe bird toys, cages and everything else you will need to ensure the health and happiness of your new family member.

Additionally, we work with all of our customers to make certain they are knowledgeable and ready for the long-term commitment of owning a bird. We will inform you that a Cockatoo is not just a "cuddle toy" and that a Sun Conure is not just a "beautiful" parrot. We feel strongly that responsible bird owning begins not only with the potential owner it begins with the seller.

You Should Expect a:

Opening a bird store has been a longtime dream of ours. We wanted to offer a place where everyone would feel "at home", where you could just "hang out" and learn all there is to know about birds. We hope we have accomplished this!



1610 Black Horse Pike
Blackwood NJ 08012

Flock Leaders:
Karl & Ursula Berg
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Mon - Wed 10AM - 7PM
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Mon & Wed 5PM - 7PM
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